Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

In just a few days, my time being gluten-free will have been one year!  I actually don't know the exact date, but I know it was around my birthday (September first).  It has been an exciting dieting year!

Most importantly, in my opinion, we brought beef, eggs, and..... milk!  I haven't posted for a while to let you know, but we realized that my "bad reactions" to milk happened to be on the days where I slept badly or when I was dehydrated.  To eliminate these "maybes", we waited until summer when I wasn't stressed or busy.  After a few trials, things went well, and over the past month we've brought it back completely, so now I regularly drink glasses of milk.

Also, over the past year I have gained about four pounds, which is pretty incredible considering the fact that I didn't eat a lot of fatty foods like milk or beef.  Plus, I naturally have a body type where it is really hard for me to gain weight, which can be good or bad.  This was really exciting for my mom, because she has always worried about my weight.

Lastly, the whole reason we started the diet, I have grown a grand total of exactly 2 inches since we started the diet!  This may not seem like a lot, but compared to my old growth rate, it is huge.  Now I grow about an eighth of an inch a month, whereas before diet I was growing less than that in two months.

It has been a pretty good year of dieting, and I am glad to see that it worked!  I also feel better.  My only symptoms were headaches, and I would get them about twice a week.  Now, once a month is more like normal.  The gluten-free diet has definitely paid off!

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