Saturday, September 21, 2013

School Lunches

School has started!  At the beginning of being gluten-free, my mom's main worry was packing a school lunch.  Now, we have figured out a lunch that is mostly the same but has some variations. 

We always have a "main course".  This is normally an udi bread, almond butter, margarine, and jam sandwich.  You can use different fillings, too. We also sometimes pack soup.  We found a canned soup that is gluten-free called Amy's Organic Soups.  My favorite flavor is something like english vegetable.  My mom has a special trick for keeping the thermos that we put it in warm: heat a pan filled with water on the stove and put the thermos in.  It works really great!  We have not tried a meal-in-a-thermos yet, but we plan to do one soon. 

Along with this, we always pack these items:

-Lunch meat in a container
-A granola bar
-A fruit cup
-Gluten Free Chips, pretzels

This way, we get protein, energy/sugar, fruit, and a yummy snack.  We have found that this is the best combo because it fills me and I like it!  When I get home, I have hummus as a snack and that usually lasts me a long time.  Now, lunch is one of my favorite meals!

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