Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gluten Free on the Go

We just got back from Crater Lake, and now we know how difficult it is to be gluten-free on the go.  McDonalds and Burger King can no longer save you on long road trips.  We had the most trouble while driving.  When we got to the hotel, it was also difficult to get good meals that would keep us going.

For on-the-road and fast food, the best (and only) place that we found was Subway Sandwich.  They have gluten free bread (don't be surprised, it looks like hamburger buns) and are very careful to not contaminate it.  They open it in a wrapper, so no gluten gets on it while it sits in the back.  They wear fresh gloves and put the bread on a new piece of paper, also to prevent contamination.  Our helpers even asked us how severe our allergies to gluten were.  We were very impressed!  The bread does have a different texture, but is way better if you toast it!  Subway was a definite yes for gluten free.

We also made our own sandwiches with Udi's bread.  Udi bread is the best bread we have found, for taste.  The texture, similar to Subway bread, is a little different.  We put in lunch meat and lettuce and ate it with an apple.  This worked better when we assembled the sandwich at our destination because it kept the bread from getting soggy. 

We were very lucky and came across a Thai food place that served gluten free food.  Chicken satay, egg rolls, noodles... it was delicious!  We also brought potatoes, turkey and carrots to make a filling dinner meal.  On our last day, we ate at the Olive Garden in Eugene.  They actually had a separate health menu that included gluten-free items.  We had to ask for it, though.  The pasta we had was so good, I was afraid to eat it because I thought they were gluten noodles!  They gave us the brand of the noodle:  Zerega.  We want to look for it and buy it for our own use.

My sister's test results came back and she does not have celiac disease.  Now my mom and dad are going to be tested because it is highly hereditary.  

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  1. Hi Amanda, quick warning: only certain Subway locations have GF bread. Lakeview, OR does (saves me on drive to and from beach!) but here in Reno I haven't found GF. Love your blog! -cousin Jess