Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Sister Joins the Gluten-free Club

My sister's test results came back, and to everyone's surprise she is also gluten-free!  No one suspected my sister because she weighs as much as I do and seems taller (though she is only a tiny bit taller than I was at her age.)   She is also allergic to dairy and eggs, but she is not allergic to soy or corn.  She does not like the gluten free diet because she has had more headaches in the past three weeks than she has had in the past 3 years.  I suspect it is because her body is getting rid of all the glutens, so she is feeling bad.  Now we are going to test her for celiac disease.  I hope she doesn't have it!

Also, my dad just finished reading a book called The Immune System Recovery Plan  by Susan Blum.  He said it was really helpful and explanative about the immune system and gluten-free stuff.  It is not a recipe book, it is an information book.  I recommend it!

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  1. Her test results came back negative for celiac disease! Yay!