Monday, August 5, 2013

Milk Substitutes

Because my favorite drink/food is milk, the no-milk rule has been hard.  My dad tried coconut milk and liked it, but I tried it and it was disgusting!  Coconut milk is too sweet.  If you like vanilla milk, you might like it, but I thought it was sickly sweet.  

Almond milk is better, but you can taste an obvious nutty flavor.  I also did not like that one because nuts are not one of my favorite foods.  

I recently got vanilla enriched Rice Dream milk, and I thought it was much better!  The vanilla flavor is not super strong and it masks any rice-y flavor.  Original rice milk is also good, but you can taste a kind of strange aftertaste.  I like original in cereal but vanilla to drink.  Normally I have water.  It is better for you and less expensive.  I am also trying caffeine-free herbal tea.  I tried cinnamon apple tea, but it was gross.  Vanilla chamomile is pretty good!

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