Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celiac Disease

One of the tests the pediatrician ran was a celiac disease test, and the results came back positive.   So my gluten-free diet is a definite yes because I actually have this disease.  I don't know if anyone has celiac in my family, but if they did I would only have a 10% chance of getting it.  I must have bad luck.

Now we are making an appointment to see a gastrologist in Salem.  They will probably recommend a scope for me.  A scope is one of those cameras on a tube that they send inside you to see how bad your reaction.  If my  reaction is horrible then any gluten is really bad for me.  The doctor thinks that having celiac disease is affecting my low weight.  

As for my height, he thinks that I am just going to grow later than anyone else.  My hormone levels are normal, so I won't need growth hormones or anything like that.  I am just naturally short!

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