Sunday, August 11, 2013

2 More Opinions

A couple of days ago we saw 2 more doctors, and both had different opinions than doctor 1!  One doctor was an allergist and one was a pediatrician.   Now I'm not sure what to think!

The allergist's main diagnosis was:  You can eat everything you want except for beef.  When we got the test, all the bars that showed how much I was allergic to something were gray except beef (something about IgE or IgG)  which was black.  The allergist said that beef, being IgE, was my only true allergy.  The others were just the foods I eat most.  So, no gluten-free or anything for me!  That night I noticed that when I had a biscuit I felt bloated, so I don't know if that means it was bad.  

The next day we saw a pediatrician.  His diagnosis was:  Don't go everything-free, just try one thing at a time.  Right now we are still gluten-free and we eat everything else only moderately.  I think this is a good idea because I had more reaction to gluten than any other allergy.  The pediatrician also tested me for IgA, which is the intestines reacting to the allergens.  This tests specifically for gluten.  When the results come back, we will know for sure whether or not I am allergic to gluten. 

My dad and my sister's tests still have not come back.  Our diet could get really hard if they are allergic to different things!

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