Monday, August 19, 2013


Doctor, allergist, pediatrician, and now a dietitian!  We met with a dietitian for advice on how to keep up calories and prepare meals.  The dietitian had information that was very useful.

First, the dietitian said that we should have fat at every meal.  Whole milk used to be a major part of my diet, and it had a lot of fat.  Now that that has been eliminated, we need to keep the fat intake the same.  The dietitian gave us a list of fatty and caloric foods that we should use, and how much per meal (about.  You don't need to use everything on the list.). 

Food                    Amount
Almond Butter     1 tablespoon
Coconut Oil         1 tablespoon
Olive oil               1/2 tablespoon
Sunflower Seed  1 tablespoon
Pistachios           12-16 nuts
Pecans                8-10 nuts

 The dietitian also gave us an idea of what our plate should look like.  We should eat 2-3 fruits per day.  Half of our plate should be vegetables.   A fourth should be starch, but watch out for high portions of rice products because they are fast sugar (which means that it doesn't give you energy for very long.  It also makes your blood sugar go up, and then down very quickly.)   The last fourth of your plate is, of course, protein.  Beans, nut butter, hummus, are all things she mentioned.  You should have 1-2 oz. of meat twice a day to be healthy.  You should also have milk or yogurt, but we have to cut that out of our diet for a year.  

I recommend seeing a dietitian, because ours was very helpful.  We will meet with the dietitian again in a few weeks so she can see how I am doing.   The dietitian also liked the food log I have been keeping.  Unfortunately, she said I had the highest celiac test levels she has ever seen.  Also,  my dad and sister's test results still have not come back.  They should be here soon!

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  1. Love your blog Amanda! Thanks for sharing your journey!